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Give your apartment a new look from the old look

Every house is a reflection of the people who live in it. We ensure certain that the design of your apartment reflects your personal preferences. Every aspect of your home, from the furniture and lighting you choose to the furniture you design, is designed to represent your personal style.

Paint Your Home

It's almost time for summer, and your home is desperate for a fresh coat of paint! Before beginning work on your exterior or interior painting projects, the Noksha engineering team will analyze the best course of action. They will choose the type of paint to be used following environmental factors and structural characteristics. Engineers and seasoned painting professionals will be on hand to monitor the entire process. We offer unrivaled services ranging from sourcing staff to performing any property maintenance work. If you want to learn more, call 01755555573 or send a message on WhatsApp: 01620414030

Your dream of living

  1. Sweet second home
  2. Home away from home
  3. Weekend recreation
  4. High level customer

Get a perfect shape

An attractive boundary wall adds value to your property while also providing privacy and security. An excellent segmentation of your land is provided by a border wall. Build these boundary walls around your property with the help of Noksha Construction. Noksha makes and sells a wide range of Boundary Walls. We can also make walls in different sizes and designs to meet the needs of our customers. We also promise to deliver our products in a certain amount of time.

Wood is in Your Home

If you're looking for the perfect furnishings and fabrics in a number of colors, as well as a selection of house interior decor, you'll be able to locate just what you need.

We are Here

Our unique design method is a highly-organized, client-driven blueprint that produces bespoke solutions for full-service, turnkey projects while maintaining a high level of organization.

  • Bungalow villa at Bashundhara

    • Total Area3 Katha
    • Bedroom150 Sq. Ft
    • Bathroom45 Sq. Ft
    • Lounge650 Sft.
    • Open Kitchen60 Sft
  • Full Moon

    • Total Area1500 Sq. Ft
    • Bedroom150 Sq. Ft
    • Bathroom45 Sq. Ft
    • Kitchen60 Sq. Ft

Client's DreamOur Vision

Whatever ‘home' means to you, our place is certainly nostalgic. It's where we eat, socialize, make memories, and create our own. To be at home, come home, and leave home requires a reminder. We want to help you find your “Dream” house.
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